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trails massage therapy

Full Body Massage

This consists of most major parts of the body: back, shoulders, legs, feet, arms, hands and neck. Focusing on warming the muscle tissue to release tension and break up muscle knots.

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Hot Stone Massage

During a hot stone massage, smooth, flat, heated stones are placed on your body. It is used to help you relax and relieve tense muscles and damaged soft tissues throughout the body.

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Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy massage is particularly suited to stress-related conditions or conditions to release anxiety and depression. We offer many essential oils, such as synergy oils blends.

"One of the best massage l've ever had. The therapist was very professional and she helped me feel more relaxed. I'm truly grateful for the Trails Massage Therapy Team. I will definitely come back soon."

trails massage therapy

Jane Miller


Welcome to Trails Massage Therapy

      We are located in Petaluma, 5 Minutes from downtown Petaluma,  and 45 minutes, North from San Franciso. 

      We provide professional massage therapy to help you relieve physical fatigue and pain ointments from various countries for free. Of course, before using it, we must follow your opinion and give you a skin test. The previous service is only for your health.

      We hope everybody can enjoy every moment of life to the fullest and feel your best at Trails Massage Therapy.

trails massage therapy

Benefits Of Massage

        Have a kink in your neck that refuses to leave? We’ll help evict it. Improve sleep, increase blood circulation, relieve tension headaches, decrease stress, and elevate everyday life with regular.


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