trails massage therapy

Full body massage

Suppose you want a deeper massage and can tolerate more pressure to relieve chronic muscle pain. In that case, our therapists use firmer pressure to reach these key areas and get them to release tension, which is why this massage is often recommended for people comfortable with a slightly more intense touch. We recommend medium-5 to firm-10 pressure. 

30m/$50 60m/$80 90m/$110

trails massage therapy

Aroma Massage

Add even more rest to your massage with an aromatherapy enhancement. These oils from herbs, fruits, and flowers can enhance your physical and emotional well-being by soothing the mind, body, and spirit. 

We provide a variety of pure natural essential oils for free to meet your body-saving needs.

30m/$70 60m/100 90m/130
trails massage therapy

Hot Ston Massage

The naturally heated smooth stones are placed on specific points of the body. The rocks warm up and loosen the muscles, balance the energy centers in the body, and apply gentle pressure to the forces.

This soothing massage will alleviate muscle aches, reduce stress, and calm the body and mind.

30m/$5060m/$80 90m/$110

Our Massage

One message does not fit all. With your input, we create a personalized massage session that addresses your specific needs.

We employ an active, catalytic process no matter how much pressure you prefer. Stepping on the back is great for a deep-tissue massage

Improve sleep, increase blood circulation, relieve tension headaches, decrease stress, and elevate everyday life with regular therapeutic massage services at Trails Massage Therapy.

Free essential oils

Free pure natural products

Pesticide Free Tea

Free Snacks

trails massage therapy


Aromatherapy awakens your senses and helps clear your mind by blending bergamot, basil, tangerine, lemongrass, lime, cedarwood, sage, and frankincense. 

trails massage therapy


This blend of sweet orange and ylang-ylang for stress relief and general relaxation soothes and comforts. For a refreshing experience, tea tree.

trails massage therapy


Alleviate the symptoms of cold, allergy, sinus congestion, and other respiratory issues with this blend featuring refreshing and balancing the body.

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